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One of the boys: How I lost myself in kitchen culture
When I was an apprentice I worked in the most remarkable kitchen. The head chef and part owner was a woman. Most of the chefs were women, as were several of the restaurant managers. This is remarkable because the hospitality industry is overwhelmingly run by men, especially in the kitchens.

Summer Drinks In Canberra
The days are finally getting longer and the evenings are getting warmer! At this time of year, I find myself wanting to spend my evenings with friends in the sunshine. Preferably with a beverage in hand. So we’ve done a lot of serious research (it’s a hard life – you’re welcome) to bring you our top picks for where to enjoy some summer drinks in Canberra. 

Morks- Review
In a nutshell, it was damn good. Morks has fantastic food, excellent service and f@#$ing awesome choices for the vegetable lovers in your life.